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My product needs a facelift

I want an innovative design which would be personalised based on my target audience and would be responsive for all devices. I want my product design to include persuasive design techniques and design patterns to achieve the best results.


My product is not performing as expected

I would like to improve my product based on best practices and comply with usability checklists. I also want someone to check google analytics, review video recordings from Hotjar and do A/B testing to increase product performance.


I am building a whole new product

I want someone to manage user experience decisions, define the product vision, conduct product research, create wireframes and user journeys based on the use cases and my target users. Also design and prototype, test and validate product ideas.


I need external UX UI to help my team

I need an experienced UX UI designer to join or manage my product team who could work remotely or accompany us in-house for some time and work collaboratively with other designers or developers.

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I am UX/UI designer with Front-End Development background

As a designer for nearly 10 years I’ve been working with leading companies from United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Israel, Scandinavia and all over the world. My main focus is that product design would be user-centered and also met business objectives. I specialise in problem solving, building product website or mobile architecture, defining target user personas, foreseeing all possible user flows and any obstacles they may meet. Primary business sectors I work in are: energy & utilities, healthcare, fashion, e-commerce, fin-tech.

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  • Design Guild Lead
  • Lead UX UI Designer
    Digital August
  • Lead UX UI Designer
    LuLu International
  • Senior UX Designer
  • Interface Designer
  • UX UI Designer

What others have to say about me:

Martin is a fantastic product designer. At Lebara he worked across 4 new products for web, app and set top box platforms. His designs always tested well with users and he was instrumental in developing a consistent style. Martin takes the time to do design properly - he’s a natural UX / UI designer who dives deep into the problem and brings the latest ideas to his work. He’s incredibly easy to work with, fastidiously organised and always willing to explore alternative solutions. I’ll miss Martin and hope we’ll work together again.

Dr. John McCarthy, Head of Customer Experience at CX Folk

Martin's deep functional knowledge combined with his energy and can-do attitude make him a go to person, who people actively seek to work and collaborate with. Some notable projects we partnered on included Lebara Money app. Martin beautifully crafted a brand new visual framework and toolkit. This in itself a complex design challenge — considering multiple end-points (mobile, desktop), accessibility and scalability. He is a great asset to any team he is a part of and I hope that one day we get the opportunity to work together again!

Andrei Ianovskii, Product Designer @ Bud

I would call Martin a problem solver. He's unique UX/UI designer with in-depth understanding of cognitive side of user behaviour. His presentations and researches are always exceeding our expectations. Being a development team we always require clear guidance on the website structure, wireframes and user journeys - Martin has introduced us with several fantastic tools that brings speed of work to another level. We work with Martin for more than three years and I can only say the good words about him - great communication skills, always organised and on time.

Kestas Simutis, CEO at Western Investment

Some of the brands I had a chance to do work for:

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I use proven data to grow your business

of users admit to making judgments about the a company's credibility based on their website's design
of users say the main reason why they won’t return to a website is aesthetics
of people are likely to return to a website if it is optimised for mobile
of online shoppers list not being able to tell what a company does as the reason for leaving a website

A great user interface can boost your website’s conversion rate by 200%.

A better overall UX design can bring that number to up to 400%.

Source: (Forrester Research study)

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