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Quote & Buy journey and ‘My Account’ customer area UX/UI design

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↳ Overview
EDF Energy, a leading energy provider, offers electricity and gas services to homes and businesses across the UK. Known for competitive pricing and comprehensive energy solutions, EDF Energy facilitates an easy comparison of energy prices, enabling customers to obtain quotes, select tariffs, and manage their accounts effortlessly through the "Quote & Buy" journey.
↳ My Role
At EDF Energy, I undertook the responsibility of enhancing the customer experience for the "Quote & Buy" journey, the comparison of quotes, tariff selection, and the 'My Account' customer area. My tasks involved: Revamping the UX/UI design to streamline the process of obtaining energy quotes and comparing tariffs, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Overhauling the 'My Account' area to improve navigation, functionality, and accessibility, enabling customers to manage their accounts with greater ease and efficiency. Working closely with product managers, developers, and stakeholders to align the design improvements with customer needs and business objectives. Implementing user-centered design methodologies to understand customer pain points and preferences, guiding the redesign efforts.
↳ Project Outcomes

Significantly improved the user journey for obtaining quotes and selecting tariffs, resulting in a higher conversion rate of quote requests to actual energy switches.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement within the 'My Account' area, as evidenced by positive feedback and an increase in the use of self-service options.

Contributed to EDF Energy's reputation for customer-centric service, reinforcing its position as a preferred energy provider in the competitive UK market.

The design improvements led to an optimized online experience, reflecting EDF Energy's commitment to providing accessible, straightforward energy management solutions to its customers.

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