Seamless global remittances mobile and web app UX UI design

fintech, mobile app, SaaS
↳ Overview
Skrill, a leading digital wallet provider, offers a comprehensive international money transfer service designed to facilitate seamless online payments and support for families or bill payments abroad. With its commitment to zero transfer fees, mid-market exchange rates, and the convenience of sending money using just an email address, Skrill stands out as a preferred choice for users worldwide. The project involved enhancing the user experience and interface across both mobile and web platforms for Skrill's international money transfer product.
↳ My Role
As the Senior UX Designer at Skrill, I spearheaded the UX design efforts for a new international money transfer product, working closely with the product team. My responsibilities included designing intuitive wireframes, prototypes, and user interfaces for the remittance web and mobile apps, developing comprehensive user journeys and personas, and creating visually compelling illustrations and assets. I also focused on designing for A/B testing, improving the dashboard and analytics UX/UI, and resolving complex navigation and usability challenges. My collaborative approach with engineers and product managers ensured the delivery of user-centric solutions that align with Skrill's mission to simplify global remittances.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully launched the remittance web app and mobile app for iOS and Android devices, providing users with a seamless and intuitive platform for international money transfers.

Enhanced user engagement and satisfaction through meticulously designed user journeys, personas, and a visually appealing interface, which simplified the remittance process.

Developed and implemented a design system that unified and standardized UI components across Skrill's platforms, improving consistency and the overall user experience.

Contributed to Skrill's competitive edge in the digital payment space by delivering a product that combines ease of use with cost-effectiveness, reinforcing the brand's commitment to providing value to its users.

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