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glowy AI
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↳ Overview
Glowy AI is an innovative personal skincare assistant app, designed to revolutionize skincare routines by offering tailored recommendations, tracking product expiration dates, and encouraging users with a daily skin photo diary. Addressing common skin concerns like acne and wrinkles, Glowy AI leverages AI for ingredient analysis and connects users with professional dermatologist advice, fostering a community dedicated to achieving and maintaining radiant, healthy skin.
↳ My Role
In my role as the lead designer for Glowy AI, my efforts were instrumental in creating an app that stands at the intersection of technology and skincare wellness. I focused on designing an intuitive user interface and experience that seamlessly integrates into the daily lives of our users. Through the development of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, I significantly enhanced the app's usability and user satisfaction. Collaborating closely with a cross-functional team in an agile environment, I ensured that every design decision from the comprehensive Figma design system I spearheaded to the smallest UI detail, was in harmony with Glowy AI’s mission to personalize skincare, making the app not just a tool, but a trusted companion on our users' skincare journey.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully launched an intuitive and engaging mobile app that personalizes skincare routines, evidenced by positive user feedback and increased daily engagement.

Established Glowy AI as a pioneering skincare assistant with features like AI ingredient analysis and dermatologist Q&As, positioning it as a leader in the digital skincare space.

The Figma design system I developed ensured consistent, high-quality user experiences across the platform, significantly reducing development time for new features and facilitating smoother User Acceptance Testing processes.

Through strategic design and collaboration, Glowy AI has cultivated a growing community of users empowered to achieve their skincare goals, underlining the app’s impact in making skincare personalized, accessible, and enjoyable.

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