International money transfer and digital wallet app UX/UI design

mobile app, fin-tech
↳ Overview
WorldRemit stands at the forefront of the digital remittance sector, offering international money transfer and remittance services across more than 130 countries in over 70 currencies. Distinguished by its commitment to ease and accessibility, WorldRemit simplifies cross-border financial transactions, enabling users to send and receive money globally through its web and mobile applications.
↳ My Role
As a senior designer within the WorldRemit UX design team, I led the design efforts for a new international money transfer product, working closely with the product team. My role as the lead designer encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including the development of wireframes, prototypes, and the UI for the remittance web app. I crafted user journeys and personas to ensure the design met the target audience's needs. My design scope extended to the remittance mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, creating various illustrations and visuals to enhance the user experience. Additionally, I developed designs for A/B testing, contributed to the dashboard and analytics UX/UI, and tackled complex navigation and usability challenges to streamline the user experience.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully designed and implemented a user-friendly interface for the WorldRemit international money transfer product, enhancing the overall digital remittance experience for users globally.

Created comprehensive wireframes, prototypes, and UI designs that facilitated a seamless remittance process, from initial user engagement through to transaction completion.

Delivered effective UX solutions, including detailed user journeys and personas, mobile app designs for multiple platforms, and engaging visuals, significantly improving user interaction and satisfaction.

Contributed to the product’s success by designing for A/B testing, refining dashboard and analytics interfaces, and solving complex usability challenges, thereby driving increased adoption and positive user feedback.

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