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↳ Overview
The Snickers Online Quiz Competition was a dynamic web-based campaign designed to engage football fans during the Euro football championship. Leveraging the widespread popularity of football, the campaign aimed to amplify Snickers' brand visibility and foster interactive engagement by integrating the thrill of football with the playful spirit of Snickers. The project involved creating a captivating online quiz platform, accessible both via web and mobile devices, featuring questions related to football, Snickers, and the Euro championship to entertain, educate, and reward participants.
↳ My Role
As the lead designer for the Snickers Online Quiz Competition, I spearheaded the project from conceptualization to execution, focusing on delivering a seamless, engaging user experience across both desktop and mobile platforms. My responsibilities encompassed designing a vibrant, user-friendly interface that resonated with football enthusiasts and Snickers fans alike. Through close collaboration with the marketing and development teams, I ensured the quiz platform was not only visually appealing but also highly responsive and intuitive. By employing agile design methodologies, I facilitated rapid prototyping, testing, and iterations, incorporating user feedback to refine the platform continuously.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully launched a highly engaging online quiz competition that significantly boosted Snickers' brand engagement amidst the Euro football championship buzz.

Achieved outstanding platform usability and accessibility, resulting in a broad participant base across different devices, with high completion rates and positive user feedback.

The campaign effectively strengthened Snickers' association with sports and entertainment, enhancing its market position and consumer affinity during a key global sporting event.

The responsive design approach ensured an optimal experience for users, regardless of the device used, leading to increased social shares, participation, and interaction with the Snickers brand.

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