TransferGo Web app

International money transfer SaaS web app UX/UI design

mobile app, fin-tech
↳ Overview
TransferGo serves over 2 million customers, offering a swift and user-friendly remittance service tailored for immigrants in the UK sending money home. Distinguished by exceptional customer support, transfers in under 30 minutes, and competitive Pound to Euro exchange rates, TransferGo stands as a premier choice for international money transfers.
↳ My Role
As the Design Guild Lead at TransferGo, I headed a vibrant team of product designers, significantly influencing the platform's UX and UI. My leadership was pivotal in: Advocating and implementing a design philosophy centered around simplicity, markedly improving the user experience and streamlining the process of international transactions. Building strong collaborative relationships with Product Managers, Engineers, User Researchers, and Data Analysts to tackle user-centric challenges effectively. Embracing and thriving in an Agile environment, utilizing both Scrum and Kanban methodologies to enhance team efficiency and foster innovation. Developing a comprehensive UI design library by applying atomic design principles, which ensured consistency across the platform and optimized the design process. Crafting and prototyping intuitive user interfaces using Sketch and Figma, tailored to meet the needs of a diverse global customer base.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully elevated the customer experience through the adoption of simplicity in design, making international money transfers more accessible for users.

Established a cohesive design language and streamlined workflows across the platform, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Directed the team in the data-driven development of new features, utilizing A/B testing and prototyping to refine product offerings continually.

Contributed significantly to TransferGo's positioning as a leader in the digital payments space, driven by a commitment to design excellence and innovative problem-solving.

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