EV charging control mobile app UX/UI design

mobile app ux ui design
↳ Overview
TeltoCharge revolutionizes the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging experience with a state-of-the-art mobile app and charging unit, designed to cater to the specific needs of private homes, apartment complexes, and parking facilities. It combines customizable aesthetics, user-friendly technology, and reliable performance, offering a seamless, smart charging solution. With options for solar integration and dynamic load balancing, TeltoCharge stands out for its adaptability to both user preferences and environmental conditions.
↳ My Role
As the lead UX/UI designer for the TeltoCharge mobile app, my goal was to create an interface that embodies the app's core principles: customizability, ease of use, reliability, and smart functionality. Focusing on the user journey, I designed an app that simplifies the commissioning process, allows for effortless adjustments to OCPP settings, and provides users with real-time monitoring and scheduling capabilities. My collaboration with engineers ensured the app's responsiveness across devices, while I worked closely with product managers to align the app's features with user needs and regulatory standards.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully delivered a comprehensive UX/UI design for the TeltoCharge mobile app, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction with intuitive navigation and a clean aesthetic.

The app's Installer Profile and Set-up Wizard have been widely praised for streamlining the installation and commissioning process, making EV charging accessible to a broader audience.

Through features like solar integration and dynamic load management, the app promotes energy efficiency and sustainability, reflecting TeltoCharge's commitment to environmental responsibility.

The app has significantly contributed to TeltoCharge's brand identity as a provider of customizable, reliable, and smart EV charging solutions, cementing its position in the competitive EV market.

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