Integrated healthcare management SaaS platform UX/UI design

SaaS, web app, health-tech
↳ Overview
Semble is an all-encompassing healthcare platform crafted to optimize medical practice management, elevate patient engagement, and streamline operational workflows. My tenure at Semble was marked by significant contributions toward refining the platform to meet the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry, making healthcare management more intuitive and efficient for professionals.
↳ My Role
As the Senior Product Designer at Semble, my primary objective was to overhaul the user experience and interface, ensuring the platform not only met but exceeded the expectations of healthcare providers. My responsibilities included: Driving UI enhancements to cultivate an interface that was both intuitive and visually appealing, thereby elevating user interaction and satisfaction significantly. Spearheading a comprehensive product redesign to align Semble’s functionalities with the evolving demands of healthcare professionals, facilitating a smoother integration of telehealth and analytics services. Partnering with the marketing team to craft assets that bolstered brand communication and engaged users effectively. Ensuring platform accessibility in collaboration with design colleagues, broadening user inclusivity. Leading the development of a new onboarding process tailored for SMEs, aimed at minimizing reliance on support teams and fostering a more autonomous experience for users.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully redefined Semble’s user interface, making it more accessible and enjoyable for healthcare professionals, which in turn significantly improved their satisfaction and interaction with the platform.

The comprehensive redesign and strategic enhancements I implemented directly contributed to Semble becoming a more efficient, user-focused platform, notably improving operational efficiency for healthcare providers.

The innovative onboarding flow I developed for SMEs optimized the user experience, reducing the dependency on support interventions and streamlining the client integration process.

Through these dedicated efforts, Semble has solidified its position as a pivotal healthcare management platform, supporting healthcare professionals in delivering superior patient care and managing practices more effectively.

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