Debt management SaaS app UX/UI design

branding, web & mobile app
↳ Overview
Repayoo revolutionizes the process of payment monitoring and debt recovery for medium and large companies by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This innovative platform is crafted to significantly boost the efficiency of collecting late payments, ensuring that businesses can maintain healthy cash flows and reduce financial risks.
↳ My Role
As a co-founder of Repayoo, I was instrumental in steering the platform from a visionary idea to a market-leading solution in financial technology. My key contributions involved: Architecting and implementing the product vision and strategy, ensuring that Repayoo addresses the pressing needs of the debt recovery sector and perfectly aligns with customer requirements. Conducting exhaustive market research to understand the landscape and user challenges, which informed the development of an intuitive, user-centric product. Leading cross-functional teams through the product development lifecycle, from ideation to market launch, with a focus on delivering features that make a real impact while navigating regulatory landscapes. Utilizing data analytics and gathering user feedback to make evidence-based decisions, refining Repayoo’s offerings to continually improve user satisfaction and product performance. Fostering a culture of innovation and agility within the team, encouraging risk-taking and learning from setbacks to drive the fintech industry forward and provide unparalleled value to our users.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully launched Repayoo, setting a new standard in payment monitoring and debt recovery with its AI-driven approach, as acknowledged by its nomination as one of the EU & Lithuania’s Fastest Growing FinTech Startups.

Empowered medium and large businesses with a more efficient mechanism for managing late payments, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and financial health.

Demonstrated Repayoo's impact on the market through its user-centric design and innovative features, receiving accolades for transforming traditional debt recovery processes.

Established a precedent for using AI and machine learning in financial solutions, encouraging a shift towards more intelligent and automated financial management tools.

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