International money transfer app and digital wallet UX/UI design

mobile app, fin-tech
↳ Overview
Paysend is a trailblazer in global money transfers, enabling swift and secure transactions to card networks and bank accounts worldwide. Trusted by over 7 million customers and celebrated for its transparency and excellence, Paysend stands out as one of Europe's fastest-growing companies in 2024. It offers unparalleled business and enterprise solutions for seamless payments across borders without hidden fees.
↳ My Role
As a senior designer for Paysend's Global Transfers vertical, my contributions were focused on transforming the platform to enhance user experience and broaden financial capabilities. By innovating user interfaces and streamlining the KYC process, I led initiatives that directly contributed to a significant increase in successfully verified customers and expanded the service's reach. My work, in collaboration with cross-functional teams, directly influenced Paysend's strategic growth, aligning user-centric design with the company’s expansive business objectives and driving enhanced platform performance and customer satisfaction.
↳ Project Outcomes

Successfully delivered a more engaging and accessible user experience for Paysend's Global Transfers, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Expanded Paysend's capabilities by integrating a variety of payment options, making financial transactions more accessible to a broader audience.

Enhanced the KYC process, resulting in a 56% increase in successfully verified customers, thanks to the optimized user flow and reduced drop-off rates.

Fostered a collaborative environment that bridged the gap between design and development, leading to a more cohesive and user-focused platform.

Influenced strategic decisions through in-depth research and analysis, aligning design initiatives with Paysend's overarching business goals and contributing to its significant growth and expansion in the market.

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