Crypto-currency trading platform

About the project

Rokkex is a crypto exchange platform done by cybersecurity professionals with military grade hardware and banking grade software to provide Fort Knox-like environment for traders.

Basic trading dashboard

Basic trading dashboard is a trading view that serves as a simplified alternative trading interface. Its compact display that brings together buy and sell information components in a neat minimalistic way to be understandable for novice users.

Alternatives for A/B testing

Created alternative options for basic trading dashboard to find the best performing layout for new users.

Account details

An overview of user account with KYC tier levels, security recommendations to protect users account information, wallet amounts and latest open orders and trade history.


An overview of current market prices for the most popular pairs. Ability to have favourite five pairs to be visible always on top for quick and easy visibility.

Wallet Deposits and Balance summary

A summary of your available balance information with quick actions to deposit, withdraw or trade. Visible total amount in Bitcoins and Fiat. Deposit screen with guided user flow to easily add desired currency to your account.

Advanced trading dashboard

Advanced Dashboard offers an intuitive and powerful set of capabilities designed to allow users to trade quickly and with increased confidence. Designed for professionals with the best user experience based on done market research.

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QUOTE & BUY Journey UX UI design

A great user interface can boost your website’s conversion rate by 200%.

A better overall UX design can bring that number to up to 400%.

Source: (Forrester Research study)

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