WGI Laboratories

Web App UX / UI Design

World Gemological Institute laboratory with more than 30 years of experience providing diamond and jewellery identification reports, jewellery appraisals and evaluation worldwide.


Task was to build a web based application which could generate different size PDF certificates: A4 (Large); A5 (Small); Credit card size. In addition this app could also store all the data, create invoices and work a bit as a client management system. The biggest challenge was to connect multiple devices and platforms together. For an end client on company’s website we built a section where you could find a copy of certificate on the database. For the employees we made adaptive web application to create daily reports about sales. And for the manager analytic dashboard was made to increase working efficiency.

Main Objectives
  • Design and develop system to generate certificates
  • Collect and store certificate information
  • Provide analytic sales information
  • Integrate invoice creation capability
  • Integrate CMS
  • Connect database to the website for end clients
  • Create adaptive application version for mobile devices for employees to manage daily reports
The Process

For this project I spend about two moths gathering information, understanding business functionality, designing and building a product that now helps to work faster and more efficient. I worked as a project lead with two back-end and front-end developers that helped me realize the designs.


Most of the dashboard I have reviewed used too much information. Statistical graphs were made only to look pretty instead of providing useful information. My goal was to create a dashboard that would be functional. I knew that this application will be used daily so it had to be clean and focused on the tasks.

Database connection

For an end client on the company’s website we built a section where you could find a copy of certificate on the database.