Quote Me Happy

Website design & Analytics dashboard

An online only insurance company who are totally customer focused and like to do things differently. Quotemehappy.com is a small part of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance provider.

Main Objectives
  • Create hierarchical structured data base of support Q&As
  • Create as many as possible interactions with a user to provide him with a right answer
  • Improve answers presentation fulfilling it with multimedia
  • Collect and gather statistical information about Q&As pages and user journeys
User Journey

The idea was to create simple linear user journey with multiple options on finding the right answer. We left “Contact us” navigation item on the homepage to reduce frustration however our objective was to guide user through search bar journey.


QMH is a an online only insurance company so their support personnel is limited to only few people. Their support hub was just frequently asked questions with outdated information which was difficult to find. The task was to create an intelligent platform to help user find required information.

Analytic Dashboard

Analytic dashboard was created to collect data and represent it. This dashboard provided not only user visit statistics but also helped to see critical information which support hub answers were most inaccurate and unhelpful. Search queries relevance scores led to distinguish what information was most incomprehensible for the users.


Newsletter campaign with promotional material was launched to inform customers about the changes on support hub.