Online furniture catalogue and representational website UX UI design


The client

Balticsofa is a Danish-owned company, with Danish management. The company is developing, producing and selling upholstered furniture in a wide range – from classic to modern.


The design

Working as a sole designer my goal was to create a contemporary website design look with a focus on products and simple user navigation.

Video background was used for the hero section to have a more professional look and bring motion in design. Below it – latest series presentation and four columns of main collections. Also there’s a short intro to company profile and what it does.

Previously company presentation was split up in several pages where each spoke about company profile, staff, manufacture process and company history. Knowing that the users spend very little time on a website pages like “About us” it was chosen to combine all these pages together and have a one pager with all the info.

There are several designers who create designs for BalticSofa so they needed their dedicated page to tell more about them and increase overall credibility. For the ease of use I’ve kept similar pattern for designers page which was like in collections page.


Representational website UX UI design


The catalogue

There are four main collections being as a parent categories with short intro and collection series with models being as child categories. Depending on the screen size product page is responsive and for bigger pages it shows products in three columns and in smaller in two columns.

Filtering is a great way to help users narrow down their choices and help them find the right product. Online catalogue has a possibility to narrow results by collection, series, model or designer with a sticky filtering navigation.

Website has several brake points to be responsive for very large and regular screens. Also it adapts for tablets and mobile devices providing most important information for a quick load.