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About the project

Lebara is one of Europe's fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers, 1,000 employees worldwide and operations in eight countries. Lebara Money is an international money transfer product. It is a mobile first project and desktop version website just replicates mobile UX. Lebara Money USP is possibility to lock any great rate for up to 30 days and be in control of money transfer.
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Hero message with a money transfer widget, simple three step how to and a bit more in detail explanation about the rate lock and how customer can save money. Real testimonials and Lebara brand overview to bring credibility.

The journey

Simple three step user journey to transfer money. Personal details -> Recipient information -> Payment. We've tried to minimise the input fields to a minimum and still meet all the financial compliance requirements.


Money transfer widget with clear indication about current rate, amount one sends and recipient receives. Currency codes and flags gives an option to choose receivers currency and country. Lebara Money gives an option to lock the rate for up to 30 days. It means that if you need to send money after 10 days but you're not sure if the rate will be as good as it is today you can choose option send later. Transparent and clear fee pricing.

My Transfers

A list with all scheduled, sent and canceled transfers with option to quickly make money transfer again. Always visible money transfer widget lets user make currency calculations and see current rate.

How it works

While financial online operations being very sensitive process for a user an in depth step by step explanation on how to transfer money was provided.

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