Throughout the years I gained different sorts of experience in multiple fields. Have a look at what I do below.


User-centered design

User Interface Design

All of my UI projects/web based applications begin with a pile of raw data. I start by analysing it and trying to determine key information for particular app. Then I head on layering the info by prioritising it and finding the right place on the layout. Finally we have a web based app that shows that raw data in an understandable and visually elegant way. After the final stage I gather usability testing info to make any alterations if needed for most efficient use.


Multi-device experience

Responsive Web design

Today desktop and mobile website views are equal it is impossible not think about responsive design when you design a website. If I prepare design mainly for desktop use I will always keep in mind mobile version and vice versa. User has to have insensible continuous experience on all devices. Moreover I think that sometimes adaptive design is even better option so every project is unique and you have to determine how and by whom it will be used.


Enhanced usability

User Experience design

Every project starts with a market research and competitor analysis to figure out the exact client needs. For quick wire-framing I prefer using pen and paper. I think that drawing by hand gives you space for new ideas and creativity. If you’re using templates how can you create anything new? I always create user journey flows to make sure that whole journey doesn’t have any dead ends and is logical.



Mobile app design

I’ve designed several mobile applications and I can surely say that the biggest challenge is to think how your app will look on different mobile devices. I think that most important things when you design a mobile app are drawing out all user journey flows, testing on different viewport sizes and remembering that there are people with big fingers.



Web development

I met with a lot of challenges when I had to create design but I didn’t know how it will be built. The process of designing took really long because every time I had to consult with front end developer and figure out if what is possible to do. These challenges led me to learn HTML code and CSS styling. I’ve also learned PHP and Java script basics for general knowledge and understanding of how things work. Knowing the code gives me ability to create not only static designs but also think how it will interact with a user.



Motion Graphics

I’ve mentioned that coding gives me ability to think how my design will interact with a user – animation gives me ability to show these interactions. If I work with a developer and I want to show what kind of interaction is expected I don’t have to draw a story board I can just create a short few seconds clip showing that motion. It is also very good way to explain to a client how particular design will work. Check out some of the examples on my YouTube channel.