Freelance UI UX Designer

I am a UK based User Interface & User Experience designer with Front-End Development background.

About me

As a designer for more than eight years I’ve been working with leading companies from UK, Lithuania, Scandinavian countries and all over the world providing them with not only design services but also helping that design would meet the needs. Understanding user and customer behaviour helped me achieve better results in building great user experiences and producing high quality designs. I always strive to build easy to use product information architecture and design driven by data. I have managed several large projects from start to end and I’m familiar with lean and agile working methodologies.

UX Design

  • Information architecture
  • UX Research & analysis
  • UX Persona creation
  • User journey formation
  • Wireframes and prototypes

UI Design

  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • Web, mobile, TV app design
  • Typographic hierarchy formation
  • Analytic dashboard design

WEB Design

  • Responsive design
  • Cognitive design
  • Persuasive design
  • Website design research
  • Data driven design

My latest work

Lebara Money

The Lebara Group offers tailored innovative telecommunications solutions. Lebara Money is international money transfer application.